Based in Perth, Western Australia, Amy Dee Coaching’s mission is to assist people to transform their lives and relationships with themselves and others through private coaching, group workshops and online programs.



          “When we are struggling in our relationships it affects all aspects of our lives and leaves us feeling overwhelmed, alone, and like things are out of control.”





Empowering you to navigate the ups and downs of life and relationships, through unlocking your inner strength, choosing courage over comfort and creating the life of your dreams.


Amy Dee Coaching offers…



Connect with a community of like-minded people who are here to support you and champion you from all around the world.



With an array of online programs, group workshops and one on one private coaching options available, create the life of your dreams in a way that suits your needs.



Create the life of YOUR dreams, with access to research-based methodologies designed for your success.

“I would recommend Amy to anyone who is in need to ‘clearing the slate’ and starting over, anyone who has unresolved issues who feel that some things that have happened in their past were out of their control but need to move forward.”


Perth, WA

“Amy is great to talk to and leaves for a space of no judgement and complete understanding. I feel so much lighter now that I have begun my Self- Discovery course with Amy. She provides great tools and helps you every step of the way. I highly recommend Amy.”


Perth, WA

“Amy thank you for the curiosity and wonder that you brought to our sessions, it really gave me the opportunity to explore all those hidden possibilities and to answer the questions that I had never dared to ask. Your generous and nurturing style coupled with the creation of such a safe space to share really allowed me to open up and be vulnerable. Much gratitude to you.”

Fiona Jeanne

Perth, WA

“I feel my sessions with Amy have had such a positive effect on my life and relationship and am really glad I found Amy. I would recommend Amy to anyone who has something within themself or in their relationship they would like to change. Although I wouldn’t say I had a “relationship problem”, after my sessions with Amy I now feel like I have a lot stronger relationship with my partner and a better understanding of him. Even if you don’t have any issues in your relationship I highly recommend Amy if you would like to grow your relationship or turn over a new leaf with your partner. I wouldn’t hesitate to book more sessions with Amy again and recommend her to family and friends.”


Perth, WA



Hi, I’m Amy

I specialise in guiding women to reconnect with their true selves (the person hiding beneath the mask)…to come out of hiding…to find their voice again…to see what’s possible…

Having overcome over a decade of dysfunctional relationships where I experienced domestic violence, cheating and lying, I understand how hard it can be to reach out for help, I understand what it’s like to feel completely alone even when surrounded by a room full of people, I understand what it’s like to want to find love only to be held back by the fear of being hurt all over again…which is where my passion for helping others to overcome their own fears was born.

My aim is to guide my clients through the healing journey, resulting in confidence, self-love, self-trust and courage…

  • Courage to pursue their dreams
  • Courage to live their best life
  • Courage to create and maintain fulfilling, meaningful, love-filled relationships

Amy D. Milnes


Amy Dee Coaching

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